Yokai Watch

How to Make the Real Yokai Watch

 = Ghost Detecting Watch

(Real World)

1. Detect the past died human or animal’s air ingredients, substance and so on by the sensor (visible ray, infra-red ray, outer violet ray, radiation, radio wave, thermometer and hygrometer) on the Y-Watch.

2. Calculate them by the Y-Watch

3. Output from the Y-Watch

– Applying 3D printer, throw out the particle which become solid, coming outward from the Y-Watch for a certain moment.

– In this place, output the electronic circuit added one and move.

*1) It’s difficult to put on those sensors on the small watch which detects such kind of enormous data in the modern technology, and moreover it maybe possible if someone or some animal died nearly, but it’s difficult to detect if it’s not.

*3) It maybe technologically impossible not making the object by the stable 3D printer nowadays, and moreover it’s not sure whether the electronic circuit which has a function to print exist now.